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Saturday. 3.25.17 9:49 pm
They finally went through the process of upgrading out internet. It's not nearly as good as if I were to pay for my own plan, but it's 4 times better than it was before. I wish I was exaggerating, but really, the numbers went from 20/5 mbps to 100/100 mbps. I can stream *most* videos on YouTube in HD now. Still not 1080p, but at least 720p. Although, even with great internet, if the computer isn't built to handle a lot of things happening at once, it still slows down or skips on videos where there's a lot going on. Still, though, it's nice having faster internet.

I got my hair trimmed up today. After that last post, even just a couple days later, I kind of started to like the length that it had gotten to, and so I was hesitant to cut it back to the shortness that it was before. I wasn't much a fan of the way it looked during the 3-5 month mark post-original trim, but at the 6 month mark, it was starting to look nice. Especially with the layers that she'd put in. So going in today, I told my stylist that I wanted it somewhere between the original cut, and the 3 month mark (I had kind of a collage of progression photos) so that it'll take less time for me to grow it to the length I want it. The plan is to let it grow, get it trimmed at 6 months, have the layers touched up, then cut it short again in about a year. We'll see how that goes.

I got new bed sheets, and deep cleaned my comforter so now everything smells nice. And the sheet is actually staying on my mattress. The one I'd been using had been old and so the elasticity wasn't really there anymore. I had to adjust the fitted sheet at least once a week. Hopefully I have better success with this new one.

I'll be getting a pedicure tomorrow, likely with Spring/Easter/pastel colors this time around. Afterwards I'll be seeing Beauty and the Beast. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. There will be food at some point in the day, just not sure what or in what order in regard to nails and the movie. That's something that will just get played by ear.

Next weekend, I think the plan is to get together with the best friend to help her paint, but I'll have to double check with her when the time gets closer. Coordinating with them is always challenging, and has become slightly more so with the addition of her adorable little Miss. Which is fine; makes total sense. Just means it's nicer when we do finally get together.

Okay, I'm fading fast from a sushi coma so I'm gonna knock out early.

Until next time. . .

How does deep cleaning work? Is that like dry cleaning?
» randomjunk on 2017-03-26 04:46:16

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