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Saturday. 7.15.17 5:07 pm
I didn't realize it's been a month since my last entry. It's been a couple months since my last public entry. I'm still kind of feeling the same as I was in the last entry, but I'm also in a 'fuck it' kind of mood so it's a minimized version of how I felt then.

Last weekend was the first weekend in weeks where I had absolutely zero plans and I made sure to take full advantage of it. I had one of those weekends you can only get away with as a single adult living alone. The same shirt I wore on Friday, I didn't take off until my shower Sunday night. I'm getting very close to following in the same footsteps for this weekend, however, I need to do laundry so I will be changing out of what I'm currently wearing sooner than I did last weekend.

It's kinda nice having two weekends in a row without any plans. I did go out last night after work, but that was the only plan. The tentative plans I had for tomorrow fell through. Next weekend I don't have any plans either, but the weekend after I do. I'm actually very tempted to squish two plans very close together, but I'm not sure how I feel about doing that yet. I may wait until the very last minute to decide. We'll see. I'll update on how that goes afterwards.

It's kind of strange knowing that I'm not going to be traveling anywhere this year. Since breaking the no-fly streak back in 2013, I've flown every year since, multiple times the last two years. However, this year I'd anticipated needing to take time off for a surgery I ended up not needing so my PTO is kind of reserved for trips I'm planning on taking early next year. I already have two places planned in the first two months of the year.

I thought about flying somewhere for a short period of time in October, but with the complete lack of budgeting I've done this year (I really need to get on that shit so that I actually can afford both of those trips I have planned) flying somewhere this year and being able to afford both of those trips just isn't going to work out. If the other two were a little more spread out, then maybe, but I don't want to adjust either one so I'm sticking with my no flying travel plans this year.

I still have the time off in October so I may spend some time in one of the bordering states and/or country, but I'll have to see how I feel when the time comes. I may just take my first ever stay-cation.

Anywho, aside from the apathy getting worse, nothing new is happening as of late. The strengthening apathy is probably what's causing the lack of interest in writing any form of blog entry here. Even if I take a break, I will always come back here. This is one of those safe spaces that I will never abandon. I've been a member here for coming on 13 years now so it's basically a set part of my life, even if it gets pushed to the back burner every now and again. It's always nice coming back when I do.

Until next time. . .

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