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Friday. 8.25.17 9:17 pm
A few years ago I wanted to write every single day. This year, the tides have turned and I have barely written anything. As much as it's good to document things, I also feel like it's important to simply go out and enjoy. Kinda like how when you go out to do certain things and forget to take pictures; it's good to just experience, rather than document. Not that my life as of late has involved many experiences. It's a good thing to keep in mind regardless.

Or I'm just trying to make excuses to justify why I suck so hard at keeping up with these this year.

July was pretty mellow on the weekend front. It was nice having a bit of downtime. The last weekend of the month was packed with stuff. I saw my therapist about the apathy nonsense, I saw an amazing play, that resulted in me buying my first ridiculously overpriced memorabilia. I did my second of three runs this year. And went to a game night with some friends.

August has been off and on busy. I've been making several spontaneous outings. The first week was overtaken by this thing called GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen; you can look it up if you'd like, I don't feel like explaining it) and a cousin in town that I've not seen since my 17th birthday. Random things that come up last minute on weekends that I otherwise would have no plans for, but little things that don't require much thought so it makes the spontaneity worth it. I also wouldn't do them if I didn't want to. I've gotten much better at turning people down without feeling bad about doing so. Or at the very least, feeling less bad.

I know this doesn't really explain much about what's been going on, and future me is likely going to read over this and think about how maybe I should have sprinkled in just a few more details, since I think that way now already about past entries. But that's okay, because future me is just going to have to deal.

And that's where this one ends. No clue when I'll write the next one. Could be next week. Could be next month. Highly unlikely, but could be next year.

Until then. . .

I think living in the moment and experiencing things fully is pretty important, but I also really like documenting stuff, haha. Just gotta find that balance.
» randomjunk on 2017-08-27 12:55:50

deja vu. i just finished my post and i ended it with living in the present. hehe.. i also like to document my thoughts. i find that it's a good database for ideas if i happened to write a story. lots of forgotten happenings in life that can be edited to be a story...

well, just blog whenever u feel like it. =) we will always be here to read. =)
» renaye on 2017-09-09 08:50:03

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